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Miami Dade Library To Close Nearly Half its Branches

Miami Dade Library To Close Nearly Half its Branches.

Call for Submissions: A-HA Moments

Neelie Publishing is looking for submissions for a book project tentatively titled Reflections: Stories that Celebrate Life. Reflections are like A-HA moments; not necessarily connected to any singular memory, but rather they are more a sense of well being, a moment of truth and turning points, breakthrough experiences that made an impression on you, or expanded self knowledge.  Reflect on the following – which ones have you experienced:

§  an amazing event or miraculous happening;

§  an awakening of self understanding;

§  a change of attitude;

§  the meaning of life;

§  understanding death;

§  an unexplainable incident;

§  a profound feeling of recognition;

§  a turning point;

§  an unforgettable impression;

§  special gifts of understanding and wisdom;

§  the gifts of grace and love,

§  an unsolved mystery;

§  More:  proudest moments; embarrassing moments; humorous times.

The beauties of nature often help reveal these special moments of self and understanding to us – an early morning walk, a sunrise or sunset, spending time in a rustic mountain cabin, along with ordinary life experiences like falling in love, fear divorce, illness, depression, or death.  It can be a solitary experience or one you went through with a group; come to you suddenly or over a span of years.  The important factor is that you are in a better state of mind and body today, and have a greater sense of respect and appreciation for yourself and others because you have experienced this A-HA moment of truth and self-knowing.  This experience may not be necessarily dramatic, but made you stop and think, “so this is what it’s all about.”

Spend time reflecting – permit this special moment to come to you, it may even take the form of a poem, and that’s okay.  The mysteries of life are often found in poems.  Don’t expect too much at first, but as you sit quietly and reflect that sense of well being will arrive, and you may be surprised at how many A-HA moments you have experienced, and what each has taught about yourself.

Reflect on that single moment – then write from your heart and senses, from your feelings, inner-self, and visions.  We are looking for essays around 750 words, and the first deadline is Friday, September 6, 2013.

For more information contact Neelie Publishing at

What is Saguaro Books?

What is Saguaro Books?.

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